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It is important that you understand the terms and conditions of supply from Promotion Products Pty Ltd.

Please take the time to read the following.

Terms and Conditions.

Promotion Products sells thousands of different products from many different suppliers. We strive to provide accurate pricing, however we maintain the right to change prices without notice.
Cancellation of Order
We custom decorate products to customer’s specifications. When decorated with your logo these products are only of use to you. Order cancellation will incur all of Promotion Products’ costs being passed on to the customer.
Returns / Claims
Promotion Products will not accept product returns unless we have authorised your claim in writing. Claims must be made in writing and received by Promotion Products within 14 days of the date of supply. Claims made after 14 days will not be considered. We reserve the right to re-supply faulty goods. It is the right of Promotion Products, in its sole judgement and discretion, to determine if a product is faulty.
Due to the nature of the products that Promotion Products supplies, a 50% deposit may be required to accompany your first order. Subsequent orders may also require this deposit. Balance of payment is due on delivery, unless otherwise stated on invoice or on prior communication from Promotion Products.
Debt / Slow Payment
Non-payment or late payment of goods and services supplied by Promotion Products will be pursued vigorously. Legal fees, debt collection fees and all our costs spent on this recovery will be sought. Interest of 1.5% per month, calculated daily, will apply. If we make futile attempts to contact you and receive no response from you or your organisation Promotion Products reserves the right to charge subsequent communications at a minimum of $30+GST, this includes emails.
Delivery of Product
As stated, Promotion Products has a large production range with scores of suppliers. We make every effort to supply products on time and have a proven record of doing so. However, we rely upon the information supplied to us by our suppliers being accurate and timely. Promotion Products will bear no liability for product delivery delay due to the following circumstances; transport failure, floods, war, act of terrorism, accident, fire, industrial action, supplier delay, manufacturer delay or any other circumstances beyond our control.
PMS or Pantone colours are a reference for the printing industry. Many of the decoration processes Promotion Products use can only recognise these standards as a guide. We can reproduce your exact colour in most cases, however if you are in doubt we recommend a production sample.
Design Variance
We supply customers with proofs showing expected decoration content and layout. Small variances may occur. Please see ‘Samples’ below.
Paper Artwork Samples / Proofs
We produce proofs or paper artwork samples for most jobs. These are designed to be a representation of your design. Colours and sizing could vary on actual product. ‘Signing off’ on a paper artwork / proof is acceptance that the design elements e.g. spelling and positioning of the logo, are correct.
We can create a sample of any product you wish us to supply. Promotion Products recommends that clients obtain a sample if exact decoration outcomes are imperative. However, for reasons such as cost and time, you may elect not to have a sample, it is your choice.
Over-runs / Under-runs
Due to the nature of the decoration processes used by Promotion Products a shipment quantity of 5% over or under the ordered quantity will be considered complete. You will be invoiced for the quantity supplied. Where exact quantities are required you may be asked to contribute to the extra costs involved in this fulfilment. You must state any such requirements at the time of quotation.
General Information
The above terms and conditions of sale apply to the exclusion of all other conditions, which may be made by the customer or legal entity placing an order with Promotion Products.

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