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We will tailor a solution for you, however all of our campaigns have seven central steps, which when followed increase its success:

Strategies for successful promotion

Define your promotional objective
Do you want to increase sales, increase general brand awareness, or are you trying to raise funds to fix the leaky roof in the church hall? If you can state your objective you are more likely to attain it.
Identify your target audience
Who are the intended recipients of your message? Do they belong to a particular industry? Is it your own staff? Your campaign will only be as successful as the quality of your ‘list’ of targets.
Product distribution
How will you get the products to your targets? If you use direct mail consider light items, will your representatives deliver them personally? Promotion Products can help provide the solution with product delivery to your clients.
Theme development
Branding is all-important, developing a theme that ‘fits’ your brand or message may be appropriate. Let Promotion Products bounce some ideas off you!
Message development
You may only want to print your logo and contact details on an item. However clever wording (that fits your theme) gives the product more impact!
Appropriate Products
Many companies choose Promotional Products based on price, perceived value, and uniqueness. These are important considerations, however, ask first, what is my business? who are our targets?, and what products support our theme/message?
We will always give advice on how long certain products typically take to be procured and then decorated. However, experience tells us that it is always best to allow as much time as possible for your products to be manufactured. Making allowances for possible factors out of your control, and for possible production hiccups out of our control can save everyone a lot of sweat! Your Promotion Products consultant will give you a timeframe for - sample previewing, artwork adjustments, decorated sample production, production and delivery. If you advise us of a deadline we will move heaven and earth to meet it.

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