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Promotional Products are items that can be decorated with a clients name, logo or message on them. This industry is fast growing and has a value of $3.0 Billion p.a.* in Australia.

Marketers desire to brand their organisation, product, or service is why they use Pro-motion Products products and services. Many other media options are available – newspaper, radio, and direct mail to name a few – however these do not offer the accountability offered by Promotional Product Marketing. Promotional Products are successful, as not only do they communicate your message but your client will thank you for them.

*Source: Australasian Promotional Products Association

Consider the benefits of Promotional Product Marketing outlined below:

Promotional Products are targeted conveying your message only to the people you are interested in. No non-prospects, no wasted circulation.
A good quality Promotional Product will be around for years and can be used on a daily basis by your client. No other media offers as much exposure.
There are so many applications for Promotional Products marketing that a listing of them would look like the Sydney telephone directory.
Budget Flexible
From a few cents to hundreds of dollars Pro-motion Products has products to fulfil your individual communication objectives.
Good business is based on relationships. Giving Promotional Products to customers strengthens these relationships and creates an obligation towards doing business with you and your organisation.
The Promotional Products we offer are functional ensuring that your client will use the gift and be exposed to your message on a daily basis.

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